Flip Through


Once upon a time in the magical land of Ohio, there lived a librarian nearing the quarter-life crisis. By day she fought illiteracy, apathy, and overdue books; by night she read comics, ate Pringles, and blogged about Doctor Who, the joys of thumbing one's nose at Mormonism, and hot people. In fact, the two faces of Diana are not dissimilar.

Things Diana Likes:
  • The humble potato in all its myriad forms
  • Her manfriend
  • Comics, cheap fantasy, blow-em-up movies, and other Dude Things
  • Sleeping

Things Diana Does Not Like:
  • Math
  • Science with math in
  • People who don't read signs

A few other places you can find Diana on the Internet: Paper Droids and Between the Panels.

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