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Monday, October 18, 2010

Love, love, love

It ain't all gloom and doom around here, peeps! The weather is gorgeous here and I am tired of thinking about Grave Topics. Let's have another edition of Ten Things I Love, shall we?

1~ My new tattoo: Yep, here it is, in all its literary-snob glory! For those who aren't lifelong fans of T.H. White, the text says "rex quondam rexque futurus" which is the epitaph on Arthur's tomb and says "the once and future king". I luffs it so. And yes, what you have heard is true--tattoos are addictive in the extreme! I am already planning more. :)

2~ Rereading favorite books. Relatedly, introducing them to other people: In this case, American Gods is the book. I am reading it for about the 8th time with my boyfriend, who has never read ANY Gaiman. I know, I know, why do I keep him around? See the next point for the answer.

3~ My man: Partner, boyfriend, lover, whatever you want to call him. I am actually getting a bit sick of "boyfriend" seeing as we've been together for five years and have no plans to split. Anyway, he's awesome. Evidence: he brought me Boston Market when I was working late last week. Ah, young love.

4~ Dr Who: A dear friend recently made me start watching Dr Who and o, I am grateful. Awesome-bad villains (o hai Daleks!) or just awesome villains (small boy with gas mask, I am looking at you. Actually I'm hiding my eyes in fear), spunky ladies, dashingly dorky Doctors, dashingly omnisexual spaceship captains, long-dead literary heroes, wrenching parting scenes--Who has it all! It also had this fellow, who I am dressing up as for Halloween:


5~ Halloween movies: I love Halloween, period, but man are horror movies one of the best aspects of this holiday. I like straight-up thrillers, such as The Shining, Let the Right One In, and all of Hitchcock's ouvre; I like over-the-top gore like The Descent and Hellraiser; and I like films that swerve between scary and fun, particularly The Craft and Practical Magic.

6~ Autumn: As stated before (...somewhere), I love autumn. Though it's probably more accurate to say that I love "Florida winter", because let's face it, FL doesn't have autumn and its winter is closer to other states' autumn than Real Ultimate Winter. In any case, whatever you want to call that bite in the air and the way everything smells clean and ancient, even in smog-choked Tampa...that's my season.

7~ My job: Guess what I'm doing today at work? Creating genre spine labels! OMG so much fun; there's a unicorn for fantasy, and a speech bubble for graphic novels, and a Trojan helmet for classics. I also just ordered a ton of new materials and can't wait to catalogue them! Haters please note: I am not being sarcastic. I really love my job.

8~ Naptime: Someday when I rule the world, naptime will be mandatory. You won't necessarily have to SLEEP, but there will be an hour around lunchtime during which quiet will be enforced. Read, measure out a Tarot deck, snooze, have a margarita, whatever--just do it quietly so us nappers can get some Zzzzzs.

9~ My furry bastards: Yes they are furry and yes they are bastardly, but I love them. Life is not complete without cats.

10~ Blow 'em up movies: ORLY DIANA? you say. We would never have guessed! But really. I saw RED last night and laughed my head off. Sometimes the only cure for urban malaise is a lot of gratuitous gunfights and car chases.

(What has two thumbs and can't resist Dame Mirren and John Crazyface Malkovich?)


Carla said...

that tattoo is badass. I kinda want it now. Thankfully I'm entirely too poor to act on the urge. haha

Diana said...

Thanks! I am in love with it. And yes, I suspect that much of my future money will go into ink. I'll let my bank account recover a bit first (though this wasn't too expensive).

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