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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It may come as a complete lack of surprise to you, dear readers, that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love to eat and I really love to eat potatoes, so yes--the foodiest of all American holidays is my numero uno.

I also enjoy thinking about things that I love and people that I adore. If I may wax Mormon for a moment, it is good to count your blessings. In a general life sense, I am most grateful for my friends--my beloved, my best friend, my family. I am grateful for my job and my career, my education, my ever-growing stock of books, my access to food and clean water, my privileges.

But this is a nerd blog. And nerds have a lot to be thankful for. My Nerdsgiving list includes the following.

1. Dr Who: my personal favorite incarnation as yet is pictured here. What a delectable show. Almost as yummy as mashed potatoes.

2. The Potterverse: awesome books, awesome movies, awesomely cute cast which gives me warm fuzzies, similar to the feeling of mashed potatoes in one's belly.

3. Gail Simone: lady comic book writer par excellence. Her Birds of Prey kicks so much ass, kind of like when you leave little lumps here and there in the mashed potatoes.

4. Obessive message boards: The Internet is a wonderful place for nerds, because places like Snarkfest and Fief Goldenlake exist. These are my two current favorite nerd-friendly message boards, though I used to frequent the starwars.com forums as well, where I would trade mashed potato recipes with screennames like Gothmog and Kaelis Tuar.

5. Nathan Fillion: need more be said? Warning: watching Nathan Fillion do anything for too long may induce a state of happy comatosity, similar to the effects of passing out face-down in a plate of mashed potatoes.

6. Geeky tumblrs: remember how the Internet is an awesome place for nerds? Tumblr is really helping us immerse ourselves in plates of mashed potatoes, with users like FuckYeahDickGrayson, FuckYeahMarvel, FuckYeahComicRelationships, FuckYeahInception, FuckYeahBuffy, and FuckYeahStarWars.

7. Bruce Timm cartoons: I love Bruce Timm. I have a fantasy that involves Bruce Timm, a marathon of Batman Beyond, and a kiddy pool of mashed potatoes.

8. British comedy shows: things like Peep Show, Spaced, and Top Gear (yes, I realize the last is not strictly a sitcom) hit my giggle nerve like no other, not even mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are no laughing matter.

9. Kick-ass comic book ladies: I love comics almost as much as mashed potatoes, and I really love reading about women in comics. DC has a couple of good runs going currently, including the new Birds of Prey and Gotham City Sirens, which features some of my favorite villainesses: Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. Marvel is doing Heralds, starring Emma Frost, Agent Abigail Brand (my current Marvel girl-crush), Hellcat, Monica Rambeau, She-Hulk, Valkyrie, and a few others.

10. Cowboys and Aliens: Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, and Harrison Ford...and aliens. My only question is, Will there be mashed potato fighting as well?


Carla said...

ZOMG you're a potter fan too?! What's your favorite book? Who's your favorite ship? Who's your favorite character? Spill!

Diana said...

Ohhh I am I ever. A few posts back here I gave me reactions to the newest film, but it was more of a meta post and didn't go into specifics of characters, SO.

1. Favorite book: Prisoner of Azkaban. Half-Blood Prince is a close second--my BFF's least favorite, interestingly. She doesn't like the teen angst, but I think it's cute and funny and very true to life. I also like the backstory we get on Voldemort, Snape, and other characters. Azkaban, well, it has Lupin. I <3 Lupin 4-ever (on which more in a moment). I LOVE the Lupin/Sirius/Snape/Pettigrew dynamic at the climax. What an amazing scene.

2. Favorite ship: Hm. I am kind of a boring fan in that most of the relationships I enjoy are ones established by Rowling. Tonks/Lupin is my favorite of those, because I think they fit well together. I do kind of like Snape/Lily too. I ship Ginny with almost everyone because she's my HP girl-crush. :B

3. Favorite character: Favorite MAIN character is Snape. His arc was amazingly well-done and fascinating to the end. Favorite side characters are Tonks and Lupin. I was Tonks for Halloween a few years back. Love her. And Lupin is so tragic, and together they're even tragicer and I am going to DISSOLVE when they die on-screen next summer.

4. Favorite movie: though you didn't ask, I will volunteer. It is also PoA--I love all the movies, and the later ones are astoundingly well-done, but PoA is still my fave. I love the gothic fairytale feel of it, I love Gary Oldman. Very excellent film. HPB is second-favorite, mainly because I love Ginny and the actress who plays her, it's pretty scary, Snape has a substantial role, and, well, Dumbledore.


Carla said...

Favorite book - Deathly Hallows. Even though I have the most critique for the book. I still bawled profusely at all the deaths, especially Dobby. I mean bawled. I was at work when Harry died, and had to conceal my tears in the break room. Ugh! But still, I think the epilogue was kind of a fail. child-naming is apparently not her strong suit? And I think she took the easy answer for most of the mysteries to be answered in the last book. I thought the Snape/Lily thing was way too easy, there was no way it was going to happen, and Harry-is-a-horcrux. *sigh* I was so wrong. But I really thought Harry being a horcrux was a cop-out. It was too obvious. I was disappointed in that one. But At King's Cross and the whole final battle sequence are my favorite chapters in the entire series. I used to have my husband read me to sleep over the phone and I always wanted him to start at At Kings Cross (before we were married, in college)

Favorite ship - Hermione/Snape. Can't get enough of it. 1. they're so well-suited; academic and pretty unpopular in school (without the troll incident in PS Hermione probably would never have had any friends in school), and magnificently sarcastic (Ron has the emotional range of a teaspoon, "ghosts are transparent" *snicker*) 2. I identify with Hermione - I love books, I love learning, I wasn't popular in school. Snape is a lot like my husband. Minus the greasy hair, and you know, the racist tendencies. But he's snarky, and there's much more to him than what you see on the surface too. I've got a thing for dark and brooding, Byronic heroes. *drool* Please don't judge. :D

Favorite character - Dumbledore, but only after you find out how complex and not-perfect he is. How he was always that omnipotent, funny grandfather figure throughout the series and then you find you he was resisting the urge to take over the world the whole time. Creepy and disturbing, but also endearing. You actually pity him. Seeing him so weak in HBP. When he said "I'm not afraid Harry I am with you," I just cried. How much he loves Harry, and yet how much he uses and manipulates people to accomplish what he thinks is what needs to be done. And he's gay. Oh so many facets! Minor character - Peeves. I cannot tell you how pissed I was that there was no Peeves in the movies. Such a clever plot device; whenever you need something annoying that potentially gives you away in the castle, Peeves appears. And his loyalty in OotP was priceless. I love Peeves forever.

Favorite movie - probably PoA, for the same reason as you. I have a hard time getting excited about the movies. I want them to be like Lord of the Rings, all epic and beautiful, and they're so Hollywood. Not that they're bad movies, but they're not what I was looking for. I enjoy them, but I never see them more than once anymore. But I'm not a snob or anything, it's not like I think they're cheap crap and you shouldn't like them if you're a "real" fan. They're just not my taste I guess.

Ok I admitted mine - what were your biggest blunders guessing what was going to happen (not just in DH, but any new release). Where were you on the Snape debate, good or evil? I was adamantly against Harry being a horcrux and Snape loving Lily.

Diana said...

Oh man, I was so sure that Rowling WOULDN'T DO HARRY AS HORCRUX. You're right, it seemed waaaaaay too obvious. I also thought that she might have Harry die and stay dead. I didn't mind the way it happened in the book, though, it didn't seem too contrived. Snape debate, I was so sure he was good all along. It would've been too much to make him really evil. And again, I did like the way his story turned out. It felt like him. I did think that maybe one of the other trio members would die...I was thinking Ron. Am pretty glad they all stayed alive but DAMMIT both my favorite side characters kicked the bucket and that is just not on, J.K.

(Spot-on critique of the epilogue, btw. Can't wait to see how Part 2 movie handles it. It was so awkward reading "Albus Severus". Also, where did "Hugo" come from? Weasley family name?)

I like Hermione too and I am also a lot like her--reading fanatic, not popular while at school, slightly bloviatory and snobby about academia. If someone combined her and Ginny into one character I think the awesomeness would explode right off the page. I identify with Hermione but I admire Ginny because she's so bold and bad-ass and unafraid. And actually, my boyfriend is somewhat Snape-ish too. He definitely is dark and brooding. Still waters do tend to run deep. Thankfully he washes his hair regularly.

Dumbledore is fucking awesome. I seem to be one of the few who prefer Michael Gambon to Richard Harris as Dumbledore in the films. I think Gambon really nails that Dumbledore is SCARY and definitely complex. The reveals about him in DH were astounding.

I was discussing HP movies with a student last week at work and he was so brassed that Peeves had been left out. I agree: Peeves is pricelessly funny, a good plot mechanism, and ultimately a lovely character.

I see what you mean about the HP movies being "Hollywood". I think that this newest one gets pretty close to a LOTR style, particularly in terms of cinematography, I suppose because a lot of the plot in DH is the trio traveling, which lends well to big shots done from the air and beautiful scenery. However, I do think that a big reason for why I like the movies so much, despite them cutting out parts or changing things, is that they have managed to preserve the spirit and message of the books pretty well. And it seems clear that the cast loves doing them. I read an article about how Jason Isaacs came up with the idea for Lucius Malfoy's pimp wand/cane and his very specific accent. :D

Eliza R. Snitch said...

Spaced is the shizzle. That show kills me. Puh-lease tell me you watch The IT Crowd and Torchwood.

Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite too, book and movie. They're both so well-crafted.

And I have a leeeetle thing for Nathan Fillion. He's just so... wonderful? Perfect? Funny? Ridiculously goodlooking? All of the above?

Diana said...

I've seen some of Torchwood, but no IT Crowd. A few friends watch that though, and it is on my list. I decided that my graduation present to myself in May will be a subscription to Netflix, so that I may catch up on all my missed television. :B

Nathan Fillion is the perfect man. He's funny, he's a great actor, he's nerdy, he's handsome, he seems like a really good dad and all-around good person. Excellent.

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