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Monday, December 06, 2010

An exercise in creative definition

But, first things first: it is 46 degrees outside, people! 46 degrees, Fahrenheit. In Florida, at noon, in December. RIGHT FUCKING ON.


So, I have somewhat of an obsession with Captcha--you know, that thing that lots of people use on their blog comments to make sure that the person commenting is a human and not a robot (which, droid rights: post for another time). I love the weird scrambles of letters, because oftentimes they look and sound like real words. I think someone with more time and brainpower than me should create a board game similar to Balderdash using Captcha terms. Barring that, here are some of my favorites, culled from various blogs, which I have now defined. Let them henceforth enter the common parlance:

  • thillin: v. when one is both thinking and chilling at the same time. This is a common state for villains; note: similar to "highfalutin", there is no ultimate apostrophe. Example: "I was thillin the other day and came up with a sinister plan for world domination via RPGs."
  • bilene: n. like baleen, but for cetaceans who go flirt with everyone. Example: "I met a whale shark last night with a gorgeous set of bilene."
  • uratess: n. a noxious effluvium generally found to issue from the anal appanage of nervous Labrador retrievers. Example: "We'll need to shut Marley up in her cage when Grandma comes over; we don't want her producing that awful uratess in her excited state."
  • bugan: v. humans who subsist entirely upon insects, arachnids, and arthropods. Example: "Oh my god, I am totally bugan. Have you tried the roasted water beetles down at the Exo Cafe? So nommy."
  • ungst: n. a specific type of angst which incites in the bearer the urge to clean all the things. Derived from Felix Unger. Example: "I had a bad case of ungst this morning and now the toaster oven is spotless."
  • nutwons: adj. to be completely nuts over people named Antwon. Example: "My sister's lab partner came over last night to work on a project and now I am completely nutwons for him. He prefers to be called Anthony...I just don't get that."
  • fructi: n. the Finnish word for smoothies. Example: "Erik brought me an awesome fructi while we were camping in the wilds of Nuorgam. I have no idea where he found a cafe!"
  • psescor: n. where phased-out brand name drugs go to die. Example: "Oh, I work for a pharmaceutical company. My job is to toss all the old versions of boner pills into the psescor."
  • ramiting: n. very rare medical condition wherein the sufferer vomits up male sheep. Example: "Lester had a screaming bout of ramiting last night, so we decided to have mutton this year for Christmas dinner."

Ok. Now that I've exposed my extreme dorkdom yet again, I think I'll go process some books. Happy Monday, dear readers.


Dr. She-Bloggo said...



Also, UNGST.

I love you. :D

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