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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not another list!

Actually, yes. Another list. See, I was inspired by TR's latest list and decided to create my own. With better grammar. And better entries. I mean, I love Malcolm Reynolds and Apollo from BSG is so hot it makes me cry, but I can see where they would not be so great to pursue a long-term relationship with. I also like lady-heroes and, given the opportunity and proper circumstances, would probably not turn them down. Let's lust in equal opportunity, and for Nice People, shall we? Therefore I give you Ten Heroes That Nerds Want To Date (And Why They Should).

10. Mr. Miracle: AKA Scott Free, Mr. Miracle is a bona fide sweetie, a freethinker, a loyal husband...and really flexible. Assuming his single status (though I love Scott/Barda!), he'd be one to nab.

9. The Doctor (9-11): of course I disagree wholeheartedly with TR's placement of the Doctor on their DON'T HIT THAT! list. If the TARDIS dropped into my apartment I'd jump in without a second of hesitation (sorry, dear boyfriend). He's amazingly well-traveled, witty, a natty dresser, and has a sonic screwdriver that--hello??--can open anything. I think you know where I'm going with that.

8. Barbara Gordon: if Babs showed an inclination to swing for the other team, I'd be right there with her. She's smart, she's degreed, she's a librarian hacker badass who can kill you from her wheelchair, AND she has gorgeous red hair. Sold!

7. Hank "the Beast" McCoy: he might be blue, furry, and prone to playing with balls of string, but the Beast is also brilliant, witty, and kind--and, if the way Agent Brand talks about him is correct, a whole 'nother kind of beast in the bedroom.

6. Selene: from the Underworld series of films. Selene is gorgeous, efficient and powerful, loyal, and takes no bullshit. Did I mention that she's gorgeous? 'Cause she is.

5. Indiana Jones: yes, he's a ladies' man, but sometimes that's exactly what's called for. Smart, dashing, and capable of using a bullwhip in allllll the right ways, Indy has a gruff exterior masking that yummy marshmallow inside. Indy will open your world in a myriad ways--whether it's using weapons, hunting down ancient archaeological artifacts, or showing you that sometimes it's ok to kiss and tell.

4. Captain Jack Harkness: similar to our #5, every now and then what a nerd really wants is some action. Captain Jack is The Alien to give that to you. Omnisexual, handsome, charming, flies a spaceship...what more do you need?

3. Hoban "Wash" Washburne: haters please note-->this entry clearly assumes that Wash and Zoe are not married, because their love is too true for even a homewrecker to break up. GIVEN THAT, Wash is just about perfect. He'll play dinosaurs with you and admire your legs and love you forever even in the face of red-headed temptresses with heavenly racks.

2. Leonard "Bones" McCoy: the second McCoy on our list, Bones is, plainly put, a decent man. Smart without being smarmy, moral without being moralizing, Bones is sensitive and a good listener. And benefits from being portrayed by Karl Urban.

1. Dick Grayson: the original Robin, Grayson grew out of the short pants and into a mullet and serious abs, cementing his dreamboat status in the eyes of many a nerd. For an orphan who grew up in the shadows of the Batcave, Dick's head is screwed on remarkably straight, he speaks about eight languages, and his heart is big enough to be nice to the horrific offspring of Talia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne. *swoon*


filipa said...

I couldn't agree more with what you say about #3 ;)
( I know the post is from 2010 but it just really deserves a comment.)

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