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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Body Appreciation: Feet

So, having jumped right into the awesomeness of Nia classes, I have lately become much more aware of my feet. Feet are not something I really think about, unless they hurt or have a cut on them or I'm buying shoes (oh, shoes!). Well, I'm aware of my feet now! Last week I developed a blister on my big toe from dancing--this week it has morphed into a callus. Already! As they say, feet are the hands which worship the ground. Feet walk us everywhere; sometimes I think mine could walk forever, given the proper shoes. Feet are the workhorses of our bodies.

I have not always been kind to my feet, or looked on them kindly. When I was a kid I ran around barefoot everywhere--somehow never managing to get worms or tetanus--and though I love bare feet, when walking on pavement or hot sand it's usually a kindness to shoe them. As an adult I confess that I don't really like the way my feet look: I'm rather tall and my feet are rather small (five foot ten versus a size seven and a half) and I find this disproportionate and strange. But no more--regardless of whether I would look better and less like I'm about to fall over if I had, say, size ten feet like my sister and mother...my feet WORK. Without many complaints. They're in good shape and they do so many things. They look cute in ballet flats. They allow me to dance and bounce and turn around quickly and walk miles and pick up things with my toes. Here's to you, feet! Count on many more calluses to come.

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