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Monday, February 28, 2011

Body Appreciation: Happy Monday!

As you may have noted, it is Monday. Normally I do my body appreciation posts on Sundays, but yesterday was sort of busy and for a reasonable chunk of it I hated my body, so we're giving it some love today instead.

See, yesterday from 10 'til around 3 I spent in a studio getting my chakras pounded by a visiting Nia instructor from Sarasota. Well, I hyperbolize; it was actually quite great, a Nia Master class and a workshop on chakras rolled into one. I left the studio feeling awesome, got home and was like O HAI BED TIME FOR A NAP, woke up with a raging headache, forced myself to do homework, got Chinese food with Awesome Cousin and his Awesome Girlfriend, and went to the roller derby with a slew of librarians.

By which time I was feeling more loving towardst my bod. So. Today we are appreciating the eyes! Now, I am not real kind to my eyes usually--I leave contacts in them for way too long, I leave mascara on overnight, I rub them a lot. I try not to do these things, but of course I do. It's too bad, because I have great eyes. They're a beautiful green-hazel with a dark outer edge, and I have been told they are very expressive (people probably mean my eyeBROWS, a topic for another post entirely). In the Nia workshop yesterday, I decided to work specifically with my crown chakra (the seventh chakra, located in the space above the crown of the head), and the movement of the head often--and should--follows the movement of the eyes. Move your head left? First look left. Look up with your eyes; your head follows. Opening up the eye sockets is a muscular sensation that is not felt as often as it could be.

Eyes do incredible things beyond the obvious gift of sight: they communicate without words by winking, shedding tears, narrowing or widening, and through the lashes. Live on, eyes! I will try to give you the attention you deserve.

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