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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Body Appreciation: Legs

Well, dear readers, I just spent half an hour on my yoga mat. For most of that time I wasn't even crying in Child's Pose! And now that I've showered and sat down, my legs are angry at me.

But I still love you, legs! You are awesome in that way that very reliable things are awesome. An awesome you never have to think about, but which deserves thinking about. I don't always have warm feelings toward my legs--generally when I DO think about them it's to wish that they looked like Lois Lane's--but they deserve better than that. Shapely or no, they work hard and they work well. They can walk for hours. They carry me up and down stairs, across neighborhoods, into bookstores and tea houses, along the beach; they wrap around my beloved with ease. They are long and look good in jeans. They deserve some redonk sequined shorts, which I will buy them the next time I have money to burn.

Here's to you, legs! Keep on walking.

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Anonymous said...

My legs are angry at me. I've neglected them for a while now. I stare at the laptop without even looking down at them from time to time. I do appreciate them...I just haven't showed it. I love them in my mind...guess I'll spend some time with them now and go for a walk before they rebel against me.

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