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Friday, February 04, 2011

Film Fantasy Friday: PSA Edition

'Allo, dear readers. It's That Time of the Week again, but before we hop to, I'd like to put the word about that tomorrow, February 5th, is Save Our Libraries Day! It started in the UK, but I want to see it spreading elsewhere too. Public libraries particularly need the love and support of their patrons. So turn out tomorrow in droves, readers--Internetters--researchers--homeless folks who need to use the bathroom--parents and kids! Check out books and movies, get a library card if you don't have one, ask the reference desk for helping with your genealogy, use the system's online resources. Show your support for our greatest institution.

With that, the book for this week features a librarian. The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman is a strange little tale with few characters but atmosphere in spades--bonus, it contains lightning strikes, fairy tales, sex, and Florida. Below are the characters you really need to know:

The Ice Queen: played by Rachel Weisz, the unnamed heroine of the novel moves to Florida after her grandmother's death only to be struck by lightning...a bizarre occurrence which will shape the rest of her life.

Ned: played by Matthew Gray Gubler, Ned is the heroine's older brother, a professor at a Florida college. He is dying of cancer (yeah, it's a real cheery book).

Nora: played by Emily Blunt, Nora is Ned's chic, distant wife.

Lazarus Jones: played by Michael Pitt, Lazarus is a man who died and came back to life after being struck by lightning. His body bears this evidence--he radiates heat, can turn an ice cube to steam by holding it in his mouth, and he has a strange mark on his back.

And that's how Diana casts it. All images pulled from Google and Wikipedia. Now go show your local politicians how much you love your library!

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