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Thursday, February 24, 2011

You might be addicted to books if...

(ganked from Bahnree)
  1. You buy your purses based on how many books you can fit inside. [Oh yes. The smallest purse I own can fit a a hardback or two paperbacks; the rest are tote bags. One even says "I like big books and I cannot lie."]
  2. The Fed Ex and UPS carriers, know you by name. [Well...no. I am rarely at home during the day to receive packages.]
  3. Your family refuses to buy you books because they don't want to support your habit. [My family rarely buys me books. The only one who does with any consistency is my manfriend's mother, who choose things from my Amazon wishlist. I love her best.]
  4. You own multiple versions of the same book. [A few, including The Awakening, Heart of Darkness, and some plays of Shakespeare that are separate from the collected edition I have.]
  5. You dream about books. (Getting them... meeting the authors that write them.) [I have definitely dreamt about meeting authors! I can't recall a dream ABOUT a book, though. I think I've dreamed about being in a book. I wish I could remember which one.]
  6. You always have at least one book on you at all times. Even if it's just a quick trip to the dollar store. [Yep. You never know when you're going to be in a line, or in traffic, or what have you.]
  7. You usually help shoppers at the bookstore, because you are more knowledgeable than the staff. [This does not apply. However, since I am a librarian, it sort of does in my work. At least, when someone actually decides to look at a book. Which are the best days ever!]
  8. You've been known to skip family functions or outings with friends because you can't stop reading. [When I was a kid this was definitely an issue. I also got in trouble for reading at the dinner table. At Christmas with my family this year, my youngest cousin immediately began reading the books I gave her and ignored everyone, even when there was dessert available. I love HER best.]
  9. There are books in every room of your house. [Actually, yes. There are even books on the back of my toilet.]
  10. If you are within five miles of a bookstore, you find yourself drawn to it like a homing device from the mothership. [Well, duh.]


Emily said...

yes yes yes :) this makes me smile! i can relate to every one!

Whitters said...

i love this! stealing and posting on my blog if you don't mind.

Diana said...

Go right ahead and thanks for viewing my blog, ladies. :)

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