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Friday, March 04, 2011

It's Friday?

That's right, it's Friday. Oh goodness, the weekend is one of humanity's great inventions. And right now, I have a hideous pile of homework sitting in front of me that absolutely must be completed by tonight, so that tomorrow and Sunday I can let my mother and grandmother ferret around in my apartment and tell me that I don't know how to clean properly!

Ergo, no indulgent fantasy films today. Just this.


RubyRoses said...

Man I still love that picture.
And that sure sounds like a fun weekend! Sounds like a "Hide the hatchet" kind of weekend.

Whitters said...

just wanted to say your hair is adorable. very carey(?) mulligan.

Diana said...

@Ruby: actually it didn't turn out too bad. They bought me groceries and I only caught my grandma going through my bathroom cabinet once. :B

@Whitters: Thanks! I love it when famous people get my haircut. Emma Watson looks really cute with her short hairs too.

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