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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What happens when the nerd brain takes over

Here is a true story for you: today whilst shelving nonfiction items at my internship, I caught sight of a book entitled Hot Words for the SAT*I. However, so immersed in Tammy Pierce books is my brain that for a moment I thought it read Hot Words for the Sati. For those not so immersed, sati is a Trader term from the Circle of Magic universe for a heart's friend.

So I thought, Well, my sati does deserve some hot words. So here are some hot words for my sati, DR SHE BLOGGO, in honor of her as a female writer on International Women's Day and in honor of her as an awesome person.

DR SHE BLOGGO and I have been best friends for seventeen years. It stands to reason that we will keep on being best friends, even though there's about to be a lot more geography between us (that's why Al Gore God invented the Internet). We decided recently, based on a chat conversation in which we said the same thing at the same time three times, that we share a brain and that if a zombie were to bite one of us, the other would become zombified as well. Ahhhh, so many good times. Scraped Spanish tar off our feet in a French bathtub? CHECK! Stood in line for Revenge of the Sith at midnight? CHECK! Eaten chicken off the floor of a restaurant in London? Well...I have and she recorded me doing it. Written a story about dinosaurs and Pangaea? CHECK!

DR SHE BLOGGO is funny. She is compassionate. She works harder than anyone I know. She helped me with my math homework on my sixteenth birthday. She is a talented writer and moviemaker. She lends me DVDs and burns me CDs of the Glee music. She is an excellent daughter, sister, and friend. Her presence in my life is one of my greatest blessings.


Sarah Noonan said...

What a sweet message. I first discovered Dr. She Bloggo's blog when she wrote about the Glee GQ cover (her big break!) I've been reading her work ever since, and discovered your group of friends on Twitter and Blogger, and now I read all of your blogs, and love them all. I can tell you're all smart, hardworking, kind people and are very close. I hope to get to know you all better as I read your writing!

Diana said...

Well thank you, Sarah! Hardworking may or may not be the best word to describe ME, but it certainly does her. :B Thanks for checking out my blog!

Sarah Noonan said...

You're welcome, Diana!

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