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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Body Appreciation Sunday: Brainnnnnsssss

So. The brain. It's kind of an important body part. Usually my brain and I get along. It's taken about fifteen years of public school to be ok with the fact that my brain cannot do math, but it's good at other things and generally I like my brain.

Today my brain is failing me. I cannot for my life figure out the proper configuration of wires necessary to get the Wii--television--speakers--THING. MY BRAIN CANNOT EVEN ARTICULATE THE PROBLEM.

Therefore I am consigned to realize, once more, that technology occasionally defeats the grey matter. I am not a genius. I am, as noted, fantastically bad at math and science with math in it. I am also rather uncoordinated. I assume the combination of these two factors is what stands between my awesome hominid brain and the conglomeration of wires behind our entertainment center.

But I still love you, brain. You let me write and wonder about things. I forgive you for failing me today...I guess.

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