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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Film Fantasy Friday: The Return of the Native

I was oh, SO torn, dear readers, about which Hardy novel to choose for today. I love Hardy, and Return of the Native isn't my favorite of his (that would be Far from the Madding Crowd), but Tess is the best known and, well, I can't resist Eustacia Vye.

Clym Yeobright: played by Michael Fassbender, Clym gives up a business career in Paris to become a schoolmaster for poor kids on Egdon Heath, his birthplace. Assorted trials attack him, including failing eyesight and a not-exactly-smart choice of a bride.

Eustacia Vye: played by Natalie Dormer, Eustacia is a high-spirited, stubborn woman and the local beauty--though also reputed to be a witch. She marries Clym, hoping that he will take her to Paris, but carries on an affair with Damon Wildeve.

Thomasin (Tamsin) Yeobright: played by April Pearson, Tamsin is Clym's cousin, who lives with his mother. She marries Damon Wildeve, but ultimately ends up with Diggory Venn.

Diggory Venn: played by David Call, Diggory is a "reddleman", a seller of red chalk and a strange traveling man. He ultimately renounces his nomadic trade, becomes a dairyman, and settles down with Tamsin.

Damon Wildeve: played by Colin Farrell, Damon is a good-for-little innkeeper with a wandering eye. He marries Tamsin while still carrying on with Eustacia.

And that's how Diana casts it. All images pulled from Google and Wikipedia.

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