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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Body Appreciation Sunday

You may notice that there is no colon and no sub-heading in this post's title--no "eyes" or "armpits." That is because today I am celebrating the entire body. Today is May 1st--May Day, or Beltane, or the feast day of St. Walpurga, or the central day of Floralia. Any way you slice it, today's the day for celebrating the body in the most carnal ways possible: with dancing, with eating, with wandering around outside, with adorning oneself with bright colors and fine textures and bright baubles, with jumping around dangerously large fires, and most certainly with fucking.

I like days that encourage these sorts of things. To that end, trust--today I've wandered around outside, I've worn red and turquoise and loud jewelry, I've drunk pomegranate mimosas in the middle of the day and cooked love foods (sausages and strawberries, among other things), I've covered my apartment in flowers, I've danced around with a frying pan in my hands to Lady Gaga, and since it's illegal to start a bonfire in my complex greenery, I've lit as many candles as possible.

And now I am going to undress my manfriend, thank you very much, and glory in his body and mine. We are temples. You are temples. Today, far more than Valentine's Day, is the day for love in all its forms. Bask in it, folks.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun day...your man friend is a lucky bloke....i generally have to wait for my birthday (and only in a leap year) to get that sort of treatment.

Diana said...

Oh, well, goodness me--I hope he thinks so! We try to have fun. :)

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