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Friday, May 20, 2011

Film Fantasy Friday: Spoiled

So, some of my favorite fashion bloggers--the Fuggirls--just published their first novel, a young adult wonder-confection titled SPOILED (they're hosting a contest for a free signed copy here). It's pretty damn irresistible. And here is my conception of their wacky characters.

Molly Dix: played by Bridgit Mendler, Molly is an Indiana-born-and-bred teen who enjoys chilling with her on-again boyfriend Danny and her best bud Charmaine...until her mother dies and she's off to L.A. to be reunited with her father, famous actor Brick Berlin.

Brooke Berlin: played by Ashley Benson, Brooke is Brick's other daughter and the queen bee of Bel Air. She's not so keen on the idea of another daughter competing for Brick's attention.

Brick Berlin: played by Jean-Claude Van Damme, Brick is one of Hollywood's most notable leading me. By turns action star and family-comedy daddy figure, he's too busy sucking down wheatgrass shakes to notice Brooke's need for attention. Will Molly be a different story?

Teddy McCormack: played by Alexander Arnold, Teddy is the first person at Colby-Randall to actually be nice to Molly. Doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes, too...

Max McCormack: played by Kay Panabaker, Max is Teddy's green-haired, smart-mouthed sister.

Danny: played by Chord Overstreet, Danny is a swimmer and the sometimes-boyfriend of Molly.

Arugula: played by Keke Palmer, Arugula is Brooke's brilliant and beautiful best friend. She also has her eye on Teddy.

Note: Shelby Kendall, the queen bitch of Hey!, will be played by Tamara Feldman. However, since Blogger's new fiddly-woo with images blows monkeys, you'll have to hit the Google Images to see what she looks like.

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