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Friday, June 03, 2011

Film Fantasy Friday: Birds of Prey

At last, a Friday. Pathetic to be whinging about it finally being the weekend when it was only a four-day work week to begin with, but whatevs, I'm lazy. In the vein of laziness, and also in the vein of me being worried about my favorite DC titles, this week's book-to-film adaptation is a slice of awesome straight from the Birds of Prey pie, peopled with an array of characters I'd love to see all together on the big screen. Haters please use the lefthand evacuation strategy.

Barbara Gordon/Oracle: played by Rachelle LeFevre, Babs is the former Batgirl turned badass information broker and the shadowy leader of the Birds of Prey team.

Helena Bertinelli/Huntress: played by Eva Amurri, Helena is a mob daughter wreaking vengeance on the mafia groups and other lowlifes of Gotham.

Dinah Lance/Black Canary: played by Julie Kedzie, Dinah is Barbara's closest friend and a deadly combatant armed with her fists, feet, and a (literally) piercing sonic shriek.

Zinda Blake/Lady Blackhawk: played by Blake Lively, Zinda is the team's pilot and is always up for a good bar brawl.

Dawn Granger/Dove: played by Miranda Otto, Dove is the avatar of peace. She and Hawk are new additions to the Birds of Prey team.

Hank Hall/Hawk: played by Jason Statham, Hawk is the avatar of war.

Dick Grayson: played by Matt Bomer, the first Robin and former Nightwing is currently filling out the Cowl as Batman. He and Barbara have a conflicted but passionate relationship.

Thomas Blake/Catman: played by Daniel Craig, Catman is a member of the are-they-heroes-or-are-they-villains ragtag team the Secret Six, and happens to have a Thing for Huntress.

Brian Durlin/Savant: played by Alexander Skarsgard, Savant is a rehabilitated villain now allied with Oracle...or is he?

Aleksandr Creote: played by Vincent Cassel, Creote is Savant's second-in-command. A former KGB operative, Creote is in love with Savant, something the latter comes to realize at long last.

Noah Kuttler/Calculator: played by Armin Shimerman, Calculator is the current leader of the Secret Society of Supervillains and obsessed with finding out Oracle's identity.

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