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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Body Appreciation Sunday: Fingernails?!

I have been a consummate nailbiter for years--for most of my life, really. And it's only very recently that I think I've finally kicked that beast to the curb.

The miracle cure? Colored nail polish. For some reason, keeping my little growing nails in some fun color (currently China Glaze's Periwinkle) was worked far better than painting them with clear polish or a nude tone. Maybe because with lighter/natural colors it's easier to see the growth? At any rate, I've been having fun switching between periwinkle and some sort of bright greeny-turquoise color, and I need more. More more more. Colored nail polish is the new addiction.

Of course, longer nails have brought in a whole slew of things I never thought about--how long will be too long? Is it going to hurt if I push my cuticles up with this metal thing? What on earth am I touching that they're getting so grimy underneath? At least my preferred hair salon, the Paul Mitchell school, does manicures too, because me and my new nails are on the brink of being really discombobulated.

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