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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A writer for all seasons

I was thinking about Jo Walton the other day. I do this a lot, as she is one of my favorite writers. I realized that she's pretty much got a book for every kind of reader there is. So--without further nattering--I present Which Walton Book Is For You?

If you like mythology and/or war stories: The Sulien books-- The King's Peace, The King's Name, and The Prize in the Game are alternate-history retellings of Arthurian and Irish myth.

If Anthony Trollope comes right after Judith Tarr on your bookshelf: Tooth and Claw. This one is a perfect rendering of Victorian dramedy into dragons. That's right, dragons.

If you know how important a karass is: Among Others. I've reviewed this one here (twice); little more need be said.

If you suspect Hitler is still alive somewhere: The Small Change books--Farthing, Ha'Penny, and Half A Crown are alternate-history stories set in an England which made peace with Hitler after Hess' flight to Scotland in 1941. A smart, evocative spin on the "country house" type of story.

If you see magic in the everyday: Lifelode. A "domestic fantasy" as author Sharyn November termed it, this story of two strangers coming to town is wholly original, charming, strange, and gorgeously written.

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