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Friday, September 09, 2011

Horatio killed King Hamlet? Seriously?

(I'm not inclined to call him a human. The gom jabbar would destroy that asshole.)

Can I just say that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern being gay makes the movie with Tim Roth and Gary Oldman all the more believable and awesome?

In other snippy celebrity news, these recent set photos of Anne Hathaway in costume for Dark Knight Rises do not really endear me any more to her or what Nolan seems to be doing with the character. Selina Kyle is a fierce bitch with amazing fashion sense, but she is NOT Audrey Hepburn. It's like Nolan found out that Adam Hughes used Hepburn for Kyle's face when he did Catwoman artwork and took that to mean that her entire persona was Hepburn-like.

Maybe Katharine Hepburn-like. Not Audrey.

I rarely argue for more overtly sexual clothing, but Jesus H. Garcia, people, this is Selina Fucking Kyle. This is not her style at all. She ain't trashy, but she is in complete ownership of her sexual appeal and, dammit, she dresses the part. Shorter, tighter, more cleavage and/or more leg. There's a way to do that and still be classy, and that is exactly what she does. For an updated Selina I can see pencil skirts, bustiers under blazers, cigarette pants and serious heels...edgy but classic. This Breakfast at Tiffany's-clone stuff just says to me that, yet again, Nolan has no idea who the character is. But then, he never knows who any female character is. Marion Cotillard's character isn't from the comics? Goodness, color me so shocked! Nolan is a great director in many ways but directing and writing women aren't among them. I've used Keira Knightley in my comic casting posts in the past, so obviously I'm biased in that direction, but when I think "Selina out for dinner," this is more what I'm seeing:

As ever, I hope to be really extremely wrong about this. I hope Hathaway does a great job and I hope the script and film do a great job of utilizing her.


Donna Banta said...

Diana, your mention of Orson Scott Card made my skin crawl. Have you read this? (I couldn't find a link to his original article.)


Aren't you glad you aren't in a singles ward? :)

On the brighter side, I hope Anne Hathaway does well too.

Diana said...

Ugh, I had not read that. He is really such a bastard. I enjoyed Ender's Game when I was a kid, but it doesn't hold up well even if you manage to ignore his disgusting personality and views.

the_bardologist said...

I started Ender's Game and then could not read anymore of it I found out about his views and that just put me off. I try to remove people from their art but their some things I cannot let go of and homophobia etc. made me really angry.

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