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Friday, September 28, 2012

Lazy round-up

Between a surprising and distasteful item sent in the mail from my mother and a general long week at work, I'm really fucking glad it's Friday and in no mood to talk about Serious Things, or even really anything cohesive--so have a few links to things I've done around the web recently, and things I'm currently enjoying.

  • I've been emblogginating over at Paper Droids, in the Style section if you can believe it, with some outfits inspired by heroines from all sorts of nerd media. The newest is Jade from Beyond Good and Evil.
  • I've also been writing reviews of comic books for Between the Panels, and last week joined site runner William Goodman, Esq. and dandy Tumblrpeep Justin Partridge for talk about Avengers vs. X-Men, Batman, and Fantastic Four. Warning: the first time you hear my voice, I say something mean.
  • Have you registered to vote? There's still time!
  • Elementary aired last night and yes, I love it. Partially out of spite, partially because it actually seems like it will be fun, but mostly because Lucy Liu is flawless.
  • Grumpy Cat is my Patronus.
  • Seriously, Tommy Karevik can wail. I'm very much looking forward to their headliner tour next year. 
  • Mark Reads has reached In the Hand of the Goddess and oh my zombie Jesus, this liveblog is just so excellent and will keep on getting better, because HE IS NOT PREPARED FOR TORTALL.

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