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Friday, October 26, 2012


As you may know, I was born and raised in Florida, and lived there until almost a year ago; now I'm in Ohio, where there are Seasons...like autumn. Real actual autumn. I have slowly been going insane with the weather since September: looking up scarf-tying tutorials, mulling mead, baking tiny pumpkin-shaped pies, standing under trees and photographing their leaves, etc. 

And as the days have edged up closer to Halloween, I have been wanting to dress up like a witch, all the time. Witch-chic or bust. However, in lieu of spending my paychecks on velvet skirts and pointy ankle boots, I mostly just make Polyvore sets. 

curse the night

the power of Manon

everyday witchcraft

Echo Bazaar

Are any of you as addicted to autumn and/or Polyvore as I am?


postmormongirl said...

I love autumn! NY falls are the best; between the colored leaves and the nice chilly weather, it's a pretty good time of the year. :)

Diana said...

It is rapidly becoming my favorite season. :B

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