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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Caroling along

Since I grew up in the LDS church (and more to the point, with an LDS chorister mother who is very fond of making the congregation sing the weirder hymns), I wasn't even aware that there's a carol called "The Seven Joys of Mary" until I was an adult. So when I first heard the opening strains of this carol, my immediate thought was, Why is Loreena McKennitt singing "If You Could Hie to Kolob"??

Same music, different lyrics. Pretty carol, though! Enjoy the Loreena rendition


postmormongirl said...

Sometimes it feels like I grew up in a bubble - there are so many non-Mormon things I just never learned about!

Diana said...

And then there's things like "Cottoneye Joe," which I avidly hoped was an LDS phenomenon that I would never have to hear again once leaving the church and its dances behind but which exist in the real world as well. :(

postmormongirl said...

Oh dear - I had hoped that was a Mormon-only thing as well!

Must forget Jonny Lingo, must forget Jonny Lingo!

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