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Friday, October 22, 2010

Film Fantasy Friday: Black Orchid

This week's edition of Film Fantasy Friday features the comic-to-film casting of Black Orchid, one of Neil Gaiman's contributions to the DC canon in the form of a miniseries about the first Black Orchid, Susan Linden-Thorne. The main characters of this ensemble cast are listed below. Note: this film would have substantial differences from the major plot of Gaiman's graphic novel; likely it would be akin to a combination of Black Orchid and Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run.

Black Orchid/Flora Black: played by Melanie Laurent, Flora is a human-plant hybrid with ties to the Green. Created in the wake of Susan Linden-Thorne's death and imbued with her memories, Flora's new body and world are so baffling that she spends the bulk of the film trying to figure out who she is.

Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley: played by Rachel Hurd-Wood, Pamela is in Arkham Asylum at the outset of the film. A former student and lover of Jason Woodrue, Pamela became Poison Ivy after Woodrue injected her with various plant toxins.

Swamp Thing/Alec Holland: played by Viggo Mortensen, Alec studied with Pamela and Philip under Jason Woodrue. On his death, the Swamp Thing is created after feeding on his corpse. He is Flora's link to the Parliament of Trees and the Green.

Floronic Man/Jason Woodrue: played by Steve Buscemi, Jason is a crazed botanist. He breaks Pamela out of Arkham as part of a plot to take over Gotham City.

Lex Luthor: played by Boris Kodjoe, Luthor is obsessed with possessing Flora--for reasons of sex or dissection, we're not sure.

Suzy Black: played by Lina Leandersson, Suzy is another human-plant hybrid and effectively Flora and Susan's "sister".

And that's how Diana casts it! All images from Google and Wikipedia. Also--can I get a hey-ya from the people who grew up convinced that Lex Luthor was black based on the Bruce Timm cartoons? I can't be the ONLY one...Can I?

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