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Monday, October 25, 2010

Touching, really

Here it is, peeps--the evidence you've been waiting for. BEHOLD THE DORKINESS!
This gem is a bookmark my best friend made which showcased her vision of each Animorph's handwriting.
Here we have the legendary sketch of our Andalite Halloween costume. Please note the rollerblading feet.
This is a themed postcard (the other side has an encoded message).

And here is a relic from my Redwall loving past. I wish I had some of the awesome drawings I did as a wee nerd, but this "Redwall: Friend and Foe" map will have to suffice.


Dr. She-Bloggo said...

OHHHH WE WERE SO NERDY. Wow. I still cannot fathom how on Earth we were going to attempt rollerblading in unison while both stitched into the same Andalite costume. Where was my head supposed to go?!

Also, imitating the characters' handwriting is SO something I would do. But apparently sketching out the letters to "Animorphs" so that they fit properly in the space provided was below me. ;D

Diana said...

Looking back, who is "Andalite" supposed to be? Elfangor? A general representation of Andalite handwriting?

Also I feel like you got confident in the middle and the M, O, and R got large, then you realized that you had to take things down a notch and there's the little P. :D

I also have an example of a note that you wrote to me, but it has your first name on it. Really my Animorphs box is filled with jewels...next time I see you we will look through it. :)

Dr. She-Bloggo said...

I like that "Andalite," whoever he is, takes great care in his signature, and signs with a flourish. Hilarious.

Stupid M-O-R! Getting carried away with nerdish excitement causes over-confidence in lettering. ;D

I am very impressed with this little treasure trove of history. Y'know, I think I still have the baubles that go with our Harry Potter board game (I'm pretty sure I threw away the poster board though).

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