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Friday, November 12, 2010

Film Fantasy Friday: Wuthering Heights

Ok dudes, superawesomedeliciouspostinprogress is still in progress and after this week I have nothing left in me except the desire to indulge in a fantastically unrealistic casting of Wuthering Heights. Not my favorite Bronte book, but I'm very (very) taken with the new Jane Eyre trailer and so I'm in a windy-moors-Byronic-heroes mindset. Also, I am kind of depressed. Also again, I wanted to see if I could keep all the Lintons and Earnshaws straight. Also the third, everyone please note my restraint in not casting Michael Fassbender for every role anything. Less do this!

Catherine Earnshaw Linton: played by Keira Knightley, Catherine is beautiful, tempestuous, and not a little crazy. She is mired in a frightening love/hate relationship with Heathcliff, but denies their bond and marries Edgar instead and then dies of boredom

Heathcliff: played by Ben Whishaw, Heathcliff is adopted by Catherine and Hindley's father; no one knows where Heathcliff comes from or who his people are. Dark, brooding, and not a little crazy, Heathcliff marries Isabella, torments her, and eventually wastes away after Catherine's death.

Edgar Linton: played by Chris Egan, Edgar is spoiled, boring, and ineffectual. Attracted by his wealth, Catherine marries Edgar and gives birth to their daughter, Cathy.

Isabella Linton Earnshaw: played by Clemence Poesy, Isabella is Edgar's spoiled sister. She is lured and bullied by turns into marrying Heathcliff. On their wedding day, he kills her dog! She eventually gives birth to their son, Linton and becomes estranged from Heathcliff.

Cathy Linton Earnshaw: played by Aisling Loftus, Cathy is the strong-willed, mostly wild daughter of Catherine and Edgar. She marries her cousin, Linton, but after his death and that of her father, she moves to Wuthering Heights.

Linton Earnshaw: played by Alex Pettyfer, Linton is the sickly child of Isabella and Heathcliff. He and Cathy marry very young, but Linton dies soon after.

Hareton Earnshaw: played by Skandar Keynes, Hareton is the son of Catherine's older brother Hindley. Given little education and abused by his half-uncle (?) Heathcliff as well as his father, Hareton is wild and strange. Cathy takes him in hand, teaches him to read and use utensils, and they plan to marry.

Hindley Earnshaw: played by David O'Hara, Hindley is the drunk, abusive older brother of Catherine. He spends his portion of the story swearing, drinking, and throwing his son down stairs.

Nellie Dean: played by Imelda Staunton, Nellie is the lifelong servant of the Earnshaws. She moves between the Heights and Thrushcross Grange depending on where Catherine and the children are. She is a bit of a busybody and narrates the story.

Mr. Lockwood: played by Jude Law, Mr. Lockwood is Heathcliff's tenant at the outset of the story. The film unfolds through the lens of Nellie filling him in on the family gossip. He is a leeeeeeetle bit gay.

And that's how Diana casts it! All images pulled from Google and Wikipedia.


Dr. She-Bloggo said...

It's cute how you try to hide your commentary on Wuthering Heights. Haha.


Diana said...

I looooooove Hareton. As I recall when we read the book in 12th grade the entire girl population of my AP lit class was like OOOOH HARETON.

I see now how sensical this is. If it's between an illiterate, unwashed peasant and a psychopath animal abuser who happens to be handsome...well. Peasants away!

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