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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Body Appreciation: Hands

It's Sunday, time to love your body! Today I'm particularly grateful for my hands. Oh, hands. We never think about hands, do we, unless they cramp up from too much typing or develop carpal tunnel or get shut in a car door. But they do everything for us. They knead dough, change diapers, hold other hands, get us off, write beautiful or silly blog entries and novels and poetry, steer cars. They can talk.: in sign language, in middle fingers. I admit I treat mine badly--I chew on my fingernails until my cuticles bleed, I crack my knuckles incessantly, I sit on my hands, I'm not very careful of my fingers when cutting vegetables.

But where would I be without them? The world would be a much more difficult place to navigate without my hands. So here's to you, hands. May you ever create and feel.

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