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Friday, January 07, 2011

Film Fantasy Friday's Triumphant Return: The Blue Sword

Yes, dear readers, it's time once again for my brain (and sometimes ladybits) to run free of the restraints placed on one by time, money, and shadowy anonymity, and bust out a book that totally deserves fame and fortune as a movie!

(I was lazy on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Sue me!)

So here we have it, my first venture into Robin McKinley's formidable catalogue. The Blue Sword, the first McKinley novel I read, is still my favorite of hers and so I have put quite a bit into this line-up. For the Philistines out there, The Blue Sword is a fantasy novel set in the desert-and-hills land of Damar, which is colonized by some white imperial types; the sister of one such is Harry Crewe, who goes to live in Damar after her father's death and becomes embroiled in local politics and warfare (good lawd that is a short and bastardized version...just read the book!). A somewhat pared-down lineup follows:

Harry Crewe/Harimad-sol: played by Samantha Morton, Harry is Richard's sister and an orphan. After being spirited away by Corlath, she becomes a Hill Rider and fights with them against the Northern army.

Corlath: played by Hrithik Roshan, Corlath is the king of the Hillfolk and leader of the Riders. He is also the master of a type of magic called kelar.

Richard Crewe: played by Paul Bettany, Richard is Harry's older brother and a stiff, nervy military adjutant.

Colonel Jack Dedham: played by , Jack is a veteran of many years of fighting and colonizing in Damar. It is implied that he would have been promoted if he didn't love the desert so much.

Mathin: played by Abhishek Bachchan, Mathin is one of Corlath's Riders. He teaches Harry the Damarian language as well as how to ride properly and use a sword.

Thurra: played by Michael Sheen, Thurra is the leader of the freaky-ass Northern army. When I say "freaky-ass" I mean "horses with claws instead of hooves" and things like that.

And that's how Diana casts it! All images pulled from Google and Wikipedia.


kindacrazy said...

I LOVE this book too!!!
I didn't know there wasa movie based off it!

Heather Shores said...

Love this book and the book before it.

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