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Thursday, January 06, 2011

What a totally awesome story, can I hear it again?

So last night I was washing dishes and Manfriend's like, When did you make pie and did you eat all of it? Because I was washing a pie plate. I said, Nah, I cooked chicken in this for dinner.

True, if exceptionally dull, story. See, I have a multi-purpose pie plate, a glass one. I only have one casserole dish and that's about the extent of my baking apparatus, because I like to keep my cookie sheets in good condition. So if I'm using the casserole to cook something, and I need to cook something else, pie plate ahoy! If it can fit in that pie plate, into the oven it goes. Things usually turn out fine, though I am sure that if I do this whilst my mother and g-ma are visiting next month, they will turn pale with horror and then order me out of my kitchen.

Such is life.

THIS IS WHAT I HAVE COME TO, DEAR READERS. I have nothing to write about, because my days consist of working, making dinner, maaaaaybe some laundry if I'm feeling spicy, and falling asleep.


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