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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still rolling

For those who don't know me in real life, it should come as little shock that I am a huge fan of hair metal. Hair metal! Cock rock, glam rock, glitter metal, whatever you want to call it--I love it.

So when a good friend informed me that her holiday gift to me was tickets to see Rock of Ages, I was like BRB SQUEEING FOREVER. What is Rock of Ages, you ask? It's only the awesomest stage musical evah. Taking as its soundtrack such gems as "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", "The Final Countdown", "Can't Fight This Feeling", and of course the inimitable "Don't Stop Believing", the only thing Rock of Ages is missing is...well, "Rock of Ages". And that's because Def Leppard apparently wouldn't license their music for use by the show. Well, pshaw. Rock of Ages still rawks (and gets around Lep's no-no by having its hero, Drew/Wolfgang von Colt, wear a Pyromania t-shirt. Ha!)--it's got strippers, it's got a small-town girl and an LA dreamer, it's got an aging hippie-turned-angel and a feminist Berkeleyite named Regina, it's got a German villain and his not-gay son, it's got David Lee Roth Vince Neil Bret Michaels some blond guy who wears snakeskin boots and chases tail like it's going out of style, it's got that cutie from American Idol who can actually sing.

It's perfect.

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