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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts and flowers, blasters and pompoms

It's that day, dear readers! National day of hawking all things red, pink, glittery, and sugary, and entrenched as I am in the splendors of young love, I am positively starry-eyed to bring to you some of my Favorite Fictional Couples. Ten of them, to be exact, though not really in any particular order...

10. Brittany/Santana: a newish entry into the pantheon of cute and smoochy, Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez of Glee are definitely my favorite couple on that show. Who can resist their pinky-holding, their matching Cheerio uniforms (SPOILERS ne'er to be seen again?), their scissoring? Brittana forever, friends. Awkward Ship Name: actually, "Brittana" is obvious and easy to say.

9. Willow/Oz: spreading hope to nerds everywhere, Willow Rosenberg and Daniel "Oz" Osborne were, in the heyday of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, about as cute as it gets. Red-haired and diminutive, geeky and smart, one a witch and the other a werewolf, Willow/Oz made panicking downright sexy. Awkward Ship Name: Willoz? Ozlow? Yeah, I don't know.

8. Han/Leia: the original ship! Honestly, who comes out of STAR WARS thinking, You know, I think Leia should get with Lando? She's a sharp-shooting princess with a sharper tongue, he's a rogue--what more is there? Awkward Ship Name: Solgana, perhaps, though that sounds like a grain crop.

7. Dick/Babs: ohhhhh the Batfamily spawns some fancy pairings indeed. I was considering Bat/Cat (ok, and Dick/Jason. SHUT UP), but Nightwing/Oracle (or if you prefer tweenage cuteness, Robin/Batgirl) won out. They have brains, they have muscles in strange places, they have adorable, they have my heart. Awkward Ship Name: Gordonson? Nah...Woracle? I am bad at this.

6. Zoe/Wash: the cutest of the cute who ever pirated the sky! Zoe Washburne and Hoban "Wash" Washburne are so cute it's almost gross. She's tall and badass and wants something with a little slink in it, he's short and plays with dinosaurs and wants to buy her that something with a little slink in it. Awkward Ship Name: Zwash. Doesn't get much awkwarder than that. Although if you're into apes, "Washoe" is fun.

5. Willow/Tara: now, don't look at me like that; Willow and Tara deserve their spot just as much as Willow and Oz do. Some of mainstream TV's most famous lesbians, Willow and Tara are just nice. And cute. And tragic, oh, so tragic. Awkward Ship Name: MacRosenberg. Rosenclay?

4. O'Neill/Carter: Stargate SG1's forbidden couple, Sam and Jack go together like something really smart and something really grumpy. Why couldn't you have thrown us that, ahem, bone, SG1? Awkward Ship Name: O'Carter, I suppose.

3. The Doctor/Rose: keep in mind, the Doctor lives forever...so when he falls for a mortal, you know it's got to be something special. Oh Rose! I'll never be over you. Awkward Ship Name: good lord. I have no idea. Doctrose? Sounds like a sugar.

2. Veronica/Logan: let it be known that I literally ship Veronica Mars with EVERYONE (including myself). HOWEVER, the end goal is always Logan of the white-bread cute, Logan of the screwed up family, and Logan of the inimitable snark. Awkward Ship Name: Marcholls.

1. Rocky/Adrian: ok, so, I am a fan of boy movies and I have a soft spot for red coats. Adrian and Rocky are so cute, don't deny it! She works in a pet store and has huge glasses, he tells her she looks "very great" and eventually names a restaurant for her, and they manage to spawn Milo Ventimiglia. There is no bad. Awkward Ship Name: Balpennino? Radrian?

Ok, you can all go puke now. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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