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Thursday, February 17, 2011

OMG is she going to talk about her PERIOD??!!!1one

Um, yes. I am. Tune in or drop out as you will.

A blogger I love to read, Carla, has reviewed several types of reusable cloth menstrual pads, including Mother Moon Pads, Muffies by Pleat, and Lunapads. I found these very interesting and helpful, as I was considering buying some cloth pads for myself. I love the idea of a more sustainable menstrual product (I already use a Divacup and like it a lot)--many women need to use SOMETHING every month, and it shouldn't have to be a something made of bleach and synthetic products that takes a bajillion years (scientifically speaking) to decompose in a landfill. My mom is a big believer in cloth diapers and I imagine I would be as well if I had kids, and cloth pads are really about the same.

So. Since Carla had kindly reviewed several of the popular contenders for women's business, I decided to tackle one more: Party In My Pants. Fantastic name, right? Since I do use a Divacup, I opted to try out a Luxe Liner and also ordered a Super Pad for days when I feel like foregoing the Diva. I've only had the opportunity to use the Liner so far, so this will be a two-part report continuing next month. I know, you're all so excited! So, the Luxe Liner. First of all--CUTE! There are lots of different fun fabric options for the PIMP (bonus awesome acronym) pads and liners, and I got a green peacock print. There are also many different cuts and widths (including wide-winged pads for boy shorts and narrower ones for thongs). The Liner is very well made, with an interior of super-soft cotton flannelette and a nylon shield backing. Snaps on either side of the wings secure the Liner to your undies. I found the Liner to be really comfortable--almost luxurious, as the name suggests, to have flannelly stuff cuddling my junk--and wide enough and long enough that I wasn't worrying about leakage. The cotton core is very absorbent and perfect for use with a tampon or cup. And have no fear! PIMP pads and liners are washing machine and tumble-dryer safe, and don't even really need to be soaked prior to washing with other laundry (though I might toss them in a mesh bag if a pad REALLY needed to be by its lonesome). And if you're traveling or otherwise can't toss a used pad or liner in the wash basket, they have this neat way of folding in on themselves and then snapping closed to keep the used interior secured.

It's funny, I'm kinda almost looking forward to next month's visit from the Euphemism and trying out the Super Pad! I shall report back. For now, my Luxe Liner and I are getting to be good friends.


Carla said...

"scientifically speaking" - lol

Yeah, I felt the same way - I was totally looking forward to my period to try out my new stuff. Seriously, has a tampon ever made you smile? Not likely. Cloth rocks.

ps thanks for the shout-out :D

Diana said...

Thank YOU for the shout-out!

Tampons mostly made me frown. It is sort of amazing how little I miss them. I like this shiny new combination of sustainable awesome cloth and rubber!

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