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Friday, March 18, 2011

Film Fantasy Friday: Anne of the Island

This Friday we're taking it back to Prince Edward Island--or rather Kingsport, N.S., where Anne and her awesome bitch posse go to college, unsuccessfully chloroform cats, occcupy the best cottage in the world, and fall in love. Hit it, Toofer!

Anne Shirley: played by Karen Gillan (you know I had to. MARRY ME KAREN), Anne is a lovely, witty, compassionate, generally awesome college co-ed going for her BA at Redmond College, where she keeps old friends and meets new ones.

Philippa Gordon: played by Emmy Rossum, Phil is the delish upperclass beauty of Bolingbroke and Anne's closest new friend at college. She is at first horrified to find herself falling in love with an ugly minister.

Gilbert Blythe: played by Ryan Gosling, Gilbert is one of Anne's childhood friends from Avonlea, who has been nursing an unrequited love for her since the day she cracked a slate over his head.

Roy Gardner: played by Henry Cavill, Roy is the ultimate ideal of Anne's dreams--or so she thinks.

Miss Patty: played by Helena Bonham Carter, Miss Patty is the eccentric owner of Patty's Place, the gold-standard of a cottage that Anne and Co. rent for their years at Redmond.

Stella Maynard: played by Ellen Page, Stella is one of Anne's friends from Queens College.

Priscilla Grant: played by Laura Vandervoort, Pris is another of Anne's friends from Queens.

Charlie Sloane: played by Lee Ingleby, Charlie is another old friend from Avonlea, also in love with Anne. He has ridiculous ears.

Aunt Jamesina: played by Olympia Dukakis, Stella's Aunt Jimsie lives with the girls at Patty's Place and keeps house for them, and is the coolest aunt ever.

And that's how Diana casts it! All images pulled from Google and Wikipedia.


Leah said...

*gasp!* Anne of the Island is my favorite of the series! I'm gonna have to read it again now!

Lee Ingleby, perfect!

Diana said...

It's my favorite too. I would love to live at Patty's Place. Anne At College is the best theme ever!

Looking at this post, I am rather impressed with how many Canadian actors I managed to cast. :B

Kiley said...

Good picks! Its been awhile since I read the books. Isn't Royal old?

Diana said...

As I recall, Roy was a few years older than Anne...he had put off finishing at Redmond for some reason. In my casting, Cavill is 27 and Gillan is 23, so I suppose that's about right? /dork :B

Katie Edwards said...

Yes! Fantastic casting (though I don't think you've got Gilbert right, and would have swapped Priscilla and Stella around, but I can never really tell those two apart anyway.) But Lee Ingleby as Charlie Sloane is inspired! Fantastic piece of casting. He is so very Sloanish!

Diana said...

Hi Katie--actually, I was rather dissatisfied myself with Gosling as Gilbert. Can you think of a better option? I couldn't. He's so clear in my head, but no actors look like that image!

Also re: Priscilla/Stella, as I recall Anne refers to Priscilla as "the golden girl" so I always thought she might be blonde. I don't actually know if she is. And I sorta always hoped that Stella, fairly grumpy intellectual that she is, turned into an awesome lesbian when she went "out west" to teach. :B

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