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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things a nerd must do before she dies

Via the awesome Jill the Nerdy Bird, I have decided it is now time to make my very own Nerd Bucket List. Here's my top five so far (I fully expect that this list will grow and change as my life as a nerd goes on):

5. Get a STAR WARS tattoo. I have a whole slew of nerdy tattoo ideas in my noggin (Yggdrasil, a lioness rampant, a Willendorf Venus, among others), but the crowning glory will be a STAR WARS themed one. Perhaps the Rebel Alliance insignia? Perhaps a Death Star? I don't know yet, but it will be awesome.

4. Create and carry out my own literary traveling tour. Think the UK by way of The Dark Is Rising--that would be Cornwall, Buckinghamshire, Wales, and the Salisbury Plain, in that order.

3. Step inside the TARDIS. Of course it would Most Best to get inside the one they film with, but I'll take a replica. Of course, this would necessarily include a photo of me grabbing the dashboard and leaning to one side like they do when in transit.

2. Get Neil Gaiman to reply to me on Twitter. I'd probably start crying. So hopefully if when it happens, I won't be illicitly reading my feed at work.

1. Meet Tamora Pierce. Honestly? It might not be that nerdy and it will almost certainly never happen, but if there is one celebrity I'd do a lot of illegal things to meet, it's her. I've been sticking money in a "Meet Tammy!" jar since I was twelve.

Note: Jill, my posin'-with-Spike pic would be that one too. :B


Leah said...

I wanna visit the Arthurian sites from The Mists of Avalon.

Chris said...

I've done one of these, which was getting Neil Gaiman to reply to me. You just need to time your tweet perfectly. Totally do-able :D

If you're interested, mine is here http://bit.ly/gxMGCc

Diana said...

@Chris: *jealouses* I DO have a coolish track record with talking to people (generally writers) whom I admire via Twitter. Someday it'll happen!

@Leah: That would be AWESOME. I've been to Stonehenge but never Glastonbury or other associated sites.

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