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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yet another exercise in creative definition

Guess what time it is: time for made-up words with ridiculous definitions! Let's heave to. Gods above bless whoever invented Captcha.

  • muctere: verb, infinitive. A Latin term which has sadly sunk into neglect, meaning "to muck around." Example: "Muctere conjugates as follows, class: mucto, muctem, muctor, mucter. Repeat!"

  • bowgrati: noun. A strange system of payment for goods found in the Republic of Pefkakia; namely, the customer presents an elaborately arranged ribbon bow to the shopkeeper instead of cash or cards. Example: "Madam, as a tourist you are obviously unfamiliar with our system of bowgrati. I will accept cash at this time, as a favor to you for visiting our fair country."

  • Prepa: proper noun. The plural of Prepon. Example: "The Prepa will be arriving shortly--yes, both Laura and her brother. Has Wilmer called with an ETA yet?"

  • tarched: adjective, regional. In the "Dixie" region of Utah (cf. St George and environs), a term referring to the setting something on fire. Example: "No sense in porking the core in the car-part...remember when those neighbor boys tarched Aunt Abrah's Oldsmobile when it was porked not five feet from the house?"

  • borinate: verb. To be bored as only Strong Bad can bore. Example: "Borinating the urban landscape, borinating Park Slopers; borinating all the people and all their slate-shingled loft apartments!"

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