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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Body Appreciation Sunday: Eyes

I like my eyes a lot--they're a nice shade of green-brown and I've been told they are quite captivating. But the best part about them is the most obvious: they see. Yes, they don't see very well without the aid of contact lenses or glasses, but they do see and sight is one of my favorite senses.

Eyes let me see my favorite things: Alexander Skarsgard, kittens, heaping bowls of mashed potatoes, the Vancouver skyline, the new issues at comic book shops, my manfriend's dimples. They also, working with my brain and hands, allow me to do my absolute favorite thing in the world: READ. There is nothing I'd rather do than sit down with a book or a magazine or a comic and now that I've graduated, I have time to do just that. And oh, the stack next to my bed has grown significantly: the Fuggirls' just released Spoiled, a totally fun YA summer read; there are new issues of comics I read and a whole new DC event just now; there's my much-anticipated re-read of The Hunger Games; and there are libraries full of books waiting for me to discover them.

Reading is most best; reading led to my first tattoo and also my newest one, pictured below, and reading is inspiring the next eighteen or so percolating in my head (maybe not that many).

Read on, eyes. We have so many things to see and learn and love.

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