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Monday, May 16, 2011

Fuck gods, give me my goddess

So there my manfriend and I were, comparing the Greg Rucka Wonder Woman to the Gail Simone Wonder Woman in a state post-coital laziness, and I had a Thinky Thawt: Thor is effectively the same character as Wonder Woman. So why does he get the big-budget summer blockbuster and she gets David "E for Egregious Asshat" Kelley and a failed NBC pilot?

Seriously, think about it. Both Wonder Woman and Thor are the children of gods and gods themselves. Both have one foot in their strange homeworlds (Themyscira and Asgard) and one in the world of humans. Both are stronger than the strongest human. Both use arcane weapons. Both have homelands, adversaries, and stories based in mythology. In some versions, Thor is even a peacekeeper type. The only difference that anyone cares about is that one has a dick and the other has a vagina.

I'm not stupid. I know the reason that there's a Thor movie at all is that there will soon be an Avengers movie and the Marvel studios like to make as much money as possible. But I also know that there is an entire section of Wonder Woman's Wikipedia page devoted to "undeveloped projects". That section contains three failed television projects and four movie scripts (including a Justice League script that I would KILL to see) that never saw the light of day. WW is arguably the most popular and and certainly the most iconic superheroine in comics. What's the problem, DC? What's the problem, Hollywood? When are we going to see this? I don't know who created the image below (I found it via DC Women Kicking Ass), but that is pretty much what my heaven looks like. Supes and the Bat need not even be there; I just want to see Diana on the big screen.

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