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Friday, May 27, 2011

Film Fantasy Friday: The Girls Get Even

Ok, so, that title is totes a fake-out. There IS indeed a rather awesome book by that name, which would probably make a pretty fun family movie, but that is not the topic for today. Rather I wish to compile my dream cast of my dream movie: the DC Superwomen Team-Up. As I have mentioned before, time and again, I am right fucking tired of not seeing any awesome super-ladies on the big screen. Should someone in Hollywood get his head out of his ass and decide this is a good idea, well, CALL ME. This ginormo line-up would be (far, far) better served as a television series and that is what I had in mind: two teams of heroines, sometimes working together, sometimes not, and a recurring cast of villains, with guest stars on either side.

Wonder Woman: played by Gina Torres, Wonder Woman is also known as Diana of Themyscira. Formed of clay and given life and power by the deities of Greek myth, Diana has formed a team of superheroines dedicated to fighting earthly, supernatural, and extraterrestrial threats.

The Oracle: played by Rachelle LeFevre, Barbara Gordon's second alter ego is the Oracle. After being maimed by the Joker, Babs hung up her Bat-cloak and began a new career as a shadowy superlibrarian information broker to heroes (and sometimes villains). Her team, the Birds of Prey, sometimes works with Wonder Woman and sometimes find her methods to clash with theirs.

Black Canary: played by Julie Kedzie, Black Canary (alias Dinah Lance) is a deadly hand-to-hand combatant and the possessor of a sonic shriek that can cut through steel and anything else in its path. She is a member of the Birds of Prey and Barbara's closest friend.

Huntress: played by Eva Amurri, Helena Bertinelli took on the moniker Huntress to avenge the deaths of her family and terrorize the Mafia groups and lowlifes of Gotham. She is a member of the Birds of Prey.

Lady Blackhawk: played by Blake Lively, Zinda Blake is the last remaining member of the Blackhawks, a WWII fighter pilot group. After returning from some strange adventures in time travel, Zinda serves as hotshot pilot and general brawler to the Birds of Prey team.

Catwoman: reprised by Keira Knightley, Catwoman's allegiances are never quite certain. She lets slip some interesting information regarding another cat-woman to Wonder Woman, but still chills at home with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Power Girl: played by Carina Damm, Power Girl, AKA Karen Starr, is the superpowered cousin of Superman. A boisterous fighter, her personality sometimes clashes with Wonder Woman's, though she joins the team readily.

Amanda Waller: played by Loretta Devine, Amanda Waller is the current president of the United States...as well as the leader of a shadowy project to assemble a team capable of withstanding Wonder Woman and her warriors.

Batwoman: played by Milla Jovovich, Kate Kane is ex-Army and a hardcore fighter. Her on-again off-again relationship with Renee Montoya is currently on again, and the two join Wonder Woman's team after Kate's frightening brush with death.

The Question: played by Michelle Rodriguez, Renee Montoya is a tough former Gotham cop-turned-costumed crimefighter.

Big Barda: played by Gina Carano, Barda is a warrior supreme from the brutal planet of Apokolips. She and Wonder Woman become close friends.

Harley Quinn: reprised by Kristen Bell, Harley is distraught and crazier than ever in the wake of Mister J's apparent death. Can Cheetah direct her deadly energy toward a certain Amazon target?

Poison Ivy: reprised by Rachel Hurd-Wood, Poison Ivy isn't quite sure where she stands on the issue of Wonder Woman's leadership. After all, they do share an interest in preserving the environment..

Cheetah: played by Olivia Wilde, Barbara Minerva is an archaeologist-turned-villainess who commands the powers of the cheetah. Ever Wonder Woman's foe, she has teamed up with Harley to take out the Themysciran princess and make the streets safe once more for thieves and scoundrels.

Cassandra Cain: played by Chiaki Kuriyama, Cassandra is the daughter of master assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva. Estranged from the Bat-family, she currently leads the League of Assassins, who have their own reasons for being interested in Wonder Woman.


Ain't No Mo No Mo said...

Excellent casting!!!

Diana said...

Why thanks! Now if only I had a pile of money and Joss Whedon to direct...

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