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Friday, May 06, 2011

Film Fantasy Friday: Squire

Hark, children, I speak to you from the past--this post was written yesterday, because guess what bitches, today I'm busy graduating and shit. INDEED. So in congratulations to myself, this week's book-to-film is my favorite book about my favorite Tortallan heroine: Squire by Tamora Pierce.

Keladry of Mindelan: played by Emily Browning, Kel is a newly-minted squire, joining Raoul of Goldenlake and the men of the King's Own for four years of thankless labor, jousting practice, and proving dumbasses wrong about women in combat.

Raoul of Goldenlake: played by Antonio Banderas, Raoul is the Knight Commander of the King's Own and Kel's master. He's a jolly fellow and a sworn bachelor...though who knows what could happen on a chilly winter night with an old friend?

Wyldon of Cavall: played by Ed Harris, Wyldon is Kel's former training instructor, whom she both admires and is confused and occasionally angered by.

Cleon of Kennan: played by Domhnall Gleeson, Cleon is a knight and Kel's love.

Buriram Tourakom: played by Zuleikha Robinson, Buri is the Commander of the Queen's Own (a paramilitary force) and the queen's oldest friend.

Domitan of Masbolle: played by Matt Bomer, Dom is Neal's cousin and lieutenant of Third Company. He is smokin'.

Nealan of Queenscove: played by Andrew Garfield, Neal is Kel's best friend and squire to Alanna the Lioness, from whom he is learning humility restraint cool-headedness healing as well as swordplay.

Lerant of Eldorne: played by William Moseley, Lerant is the irritable standard-bearer of Third Company. He is jealous of Kel's place in the company.

And that's how Diana casts it. All images pulled from Google and Wikipedia.


Rue said...

Happiest Graduation to you!


Diana said...

Thanks Rue! I'm very relieved and happy--and tired. :D

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