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Wednesday, May 04, 2011


There are so many fantastic nerd offerings this summer that I decided I needed to post them here in order to a) rejoice over them in a public display of lust and anticipation and b) remember them all. Therefore, beginning in May and running through July (my count for "official" summer, Florida's nine-month summer notwithstanding):

May 6, 2011: Thor opens in US theatres. Can I just point out what an excellent graduation present this is? Thanks, Marvel! Hobo With A Shotgun, starring Rutger Hauer, is also getting a limited release this week.

May 13, 2011: Niche-nerdy, but Hesher opens in LA and NYC. Why do I not live in a cool city? I have Joseph Gordon-Levitt heavy metal needs!

May 20, 2011: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides opens. I don't even care anymore, I would throw money at this franchise even if Geoffrey Rush, Johnny Depp, and Ian McShane just spent the whole film drinking and screwing. Wait, "even if"? How about "especially if"?

June 3, 2011: X-Men: First Class opens. After my initial reaction of ZOMGWTFCONTINUITY, I think this looks badass and I hope it's great.

June 10, 2011: Super 8 opens. I WANNA KNOW WHAT'S IN THE TRAIN DAMMIT. The Troll Hunter also gets a limited release. All I can say is, if the Norwegian folks in this film had ever read their Wil Huygen, they might not be so surprised at the fact that trolls are for reals.

June 17, 2011: Green Lantern opens. As far as comic movies go this summer, GL is pretty low on my list...a sentiment I hope is changed when I see it. I do love the Green Lanterns, but I vastly prefer John Stewart to Hal Jordan. Also, Ryan Reynolds to plz go make a Deadpool film.

June 14, 21, 28: LORD OF THE RINGS: EXTENDED EDITIONS SHOW IN AMC THEATRES. No words, dudes. No. Words.

July 1, 2011: Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon opens. Unfortunately I will have to see this, because my hometown and my favorite hick restaurant get a shout-out. Damn you Michael Bay.

July 8, 2011: Project Nim has a limited release. I really want to see this documentary. Netflix, don't fail me!

July 15, 2011: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 opens. And my childhood ends. In fire and tears. BRB, stocking up on tissues.

July 22, 2011: Captain America: The First Avenger is released. Can I just say, I think Marvel really missed a primo opportunity by not having this premiere on the Fourth of July? Another Earth also gets a limited release today.

July 29, 2011: Cowboys & Aliens opens. FUCK and YES are the only words coming to mind. Maybe also I'VE MISSED DANIEL CRAIG'S ARMS.

And that's just the movies, guyz! In terms of reading material, DC's newest event, Flashpoint, kicks off on May 11, Batman Inc. and Birds of Prey and a dozen other awesome series are going strong. ShadowFlame, the second book in Dianne Sylvan's Shadow World series, comes out July 26. Where She Went, Gayle Forman's sequel to the awesome If I Stay, came out two weeks ago. Forever, the third book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater, comes out on July 12. And Karen Healey's new title The Shattering is set for international release on July 11 (though we don't get it here until September, WOE!). The eleventh Sookie Stackhouse novel just came out last week. For Song of Ice and Fire fans, George R.R. Martin has FINALLY announced that he's finished Dance With Dragons.

It is a great time to be a geek. Rejoice in it! Wallow in it! This summer was made for us. Oh, and check out Girls Read Comics Too for an admirably lucid take on the newest piece of stupidity in the geek blogosphere, which I refuse to link to here (I did Tweet it though, if you follow). My response was just to sigh and turn on Sex and the City, since that's all I'm really capable of enjoying...props to Emma Houxbois for the awesome post! Also note that this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! Check out your local shop for free issues and awesome deals on everything else.

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