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Friday, June 10, 2011

Film Fantasy Friday: Daughter of the Forest

Well, it's Friday at last, and it's been a damn shitty week, if you must know (and it isn't over yet, because I have to work tomorrow). I feel the need to salve my wounds with some Juliet Marillier--frothy fairy tale fantasy, beautiful people, immense drama leading to happy ending. Sounds ideal! Daughter of the Forest is not my favorite of the Sevenwaters trilogy, but damn if I've ever been able to cast a proper Liadan, so away we go.

Sorcha: played by Ophelia Lovibond, Sorcha is the only daughter of Sevenwaters, a forest stronghold in Ireland laced with old magic. After her brothers are cursed, she undertakes a vow of silence and a strange, painful task to free them.

Colum of Sevenwaters: played by Ciaran Hinds, Colum is the lord of Sevenwaters and father to Sorcha and her six brothers. Many years after his beloved wife's death, he remarries to the Lady Oonagh.

Conor: played by Rupert Friend, Conor is Sorcha's brother and a Druid scholar.

Hugh "Red" of Harrowfield: played by Chris Hemsworth, Red is the lord of Harrowfield, a British holding. He saves Sorcha from drowning and takes her to Britain with him.

Richard of Northwoods: played by Christopher Eccleston, Richard is Red's uncle. A cunning man, he intends his daughter, Elaine, and Red to be married and for their properties to be joined. He accuses Sorcha of witchcraft and adultery.

Lady Oonagh: played by Cate Blanchett, Oonagh is a beautiful and bewitching woman. Intent on her son inheriting Sevenwaters, she casts a spell on Colum's six sons, turning them into swans.

The Lady (Deirdre of the Forest): played by Eva Green, the Lady is an Old One, member of a magical race of beings inhabiting the forest of Sevenwaters for many ages.

The Lord (The Bright One): played by Michael Fassbender, the Lord is another Old One and the Lady's consort.


Douba said...

Hello Diana,

one year late, I found your FFF for "Daughter of the Forest", which I am reading at the moment. And I just wanted to leave you a big WOW here!

With a single exception (alas, Sorcha), you met my personal visualisation of characters exactly. When I saw Conor, I decided not to read any further, but to look at your photos and guess who it should be - there was no mistaking!

I could never have done this, as I just don't know enough actors' faces, but I also have difficulties to recall their names. But I find so many details from my fantasy in your chosen photographs, that I think there can be no other choice.

For example, Conor's serene gaze, the Bright One's mocking expression, the Lady's natural, straight lined face, as opposed to Lady Oonagh's smooth features, and Red with an expression much more adult than would befit his age. Plus, you surprised me with Mr. Eccleston, my favourite Dr. Who.

So, thank you for your work here, you made me very happy today. I wish you a nice day, too.


Diana said...

Douba, thanks so much for your kind words! (and apologies for this very late response) I had a hard time with Sorcha...few actresses came immediately to mind. I'd be interested to hear who you'd like to see in the role!

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