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Monday, June 13, 2011

The bishop said, This is what God does not like about you

That cropped head, very improper too edgy
unfeminine; men don't like women with short hair.
And so tall! It would be better
were you petite.
Why do you talk about a career? University
is a last resort for women
whom men don't want.
You should not watch such movies
read such books--
you read too much anyway.
And these stories, fighting and lasers
far-away planets
What's wrong with where you are?
It's clear you had no
male influence in your childhood.
Poor child of a single mother.
She let you run wild, didn't she
she let you wander outside barefoot
and climb trees;
she read you too many books
she took you to meetings of women.
Well my girl, there are no trees in the Celestial Kingdom
you will wear your soft robes and walk in a


Macha said...

Ugh! This is awesome, and also very sad.

Diana said...

Aw, thanks Macha. Something along these lines has been coiled in me for way too long. It was time to let it out.

Donna Banta said...

Beautifully written, and right on the money. She's too "tall," reads too many books, likes movies, goes barefoot . . . I'll bet she wears a lot of suits and pants too. (Real women wear dresses, with lots of lace and flowers on them.)

Thank you for this!

Leah said...

There's the catch in my throat. Gorgeous, and too close to home in a good way.

Macha said...

husband says "wow ... WOW." I want to add, "kick. ass."

Diana said...

Thanks, guys! Spare my blushes. Maybe I'll start writing poetry again...I've been more of a short fiction woman lately.

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