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Friday, July 22, 2011

Film Fantasy Friday: Pipeline

Greetings, friends and lovers. If there's one thing I like to get on my high horse about, it's comic books, especially ones featuring awesome women characters. And who's the awesomest lady in DC, even awesomer than Wonder Woman, Oracle, and Big Barda put together? That's Renee Montoya, kids, and she wants a movie all to herself.

Renee Montoya/The Question: played by Michelle Rodriguez, Renee takes on the mask of the Question after her mentor Vic Sage's death and her estrangement from the Gotham Central police force. When a terrible trail of human trafficking picks up in Hub City, Question teams up with Huntress in an adventure that takes them all over the world.

Helena Bertinelli/Huntress: played by Eva Amurri, Helena is a former Mob princess bent on getting revenge for her family's death and, more generally, dealing out the pain to Gotham's bad seeds. She also teaches high school in her spare time.

Aristotle "Tot" Rodor: played by Elias Koteas, Tot is a retired professor and scientist who aids Renee in her work as the Question.

Zeiss: played by Guy Pearce, Zeiss is a hitman employed by the shadowy pipeline of crime to assassinate Renee, Helena, and Tot. However, hitmen can be bought...

Veronica Cale: played by Jodie Foster, Cale is a scientist working on Oolong Island--where she is reluctantly allied with the Doom Patrol. The crime trail leads Question and Huntress to the island, where Cale gives them an interesting bit of information.

Vandal Savage: played by Ray Stevenson, Vandal is an immortal and the inflictor of warfare and crime on humanity since the beginning of time. Sometimes called "Cain," his face bears a strange tattoo of flame, a mark which leads Renee to make a deal with the devil.


Donna Banta said...

Great cast. That Vandal is one hot looking evil-doer.

Diana said...

Thanks! Yeah, Vandal is drawn sorta hot a lot of the time...and he does have quite a few children, the most famous of which--Scandal Savage--I would probably switch teams for.

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