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Friday, July 01, 2011

Film Fantasy Friday: The Ruby in the Smoke

Life's a fish and then you fry! This week has sucked hairy monkey balls, for those wanting to know, and so I am salving my overworked emotions with another Philip Pullman book, this time from the Sally Lockhart series. They're a bit less known (in the US, anyway) than His Dark Materials (which, if you like those books, Mark is reading them right now), but no less awesome, being about the adventures of a savvy Victorian lass and some truly frightening villains.

Sally Lockhart: played by Holliday Grainger, Sally uncovers a strange and dangerous mystery surrounding her father's death and the location of a fabled ruby.

Frederick Garland: played by William Moseley, Frederick is a genial bohemian photographer and Rosa's brother.

Rosa Garland: played by Gemma Arterton, Rosa is an actress. She and Fred take Sally in after Mrs Holland begins hunting her.

Jim Taylor: played by Jack O'Connell, Jim is an office boy obsessed with pulp novels and devoted to Sally.

Adelaide: played by Ramona Marquez, Adelaide is Mrs Holland's servant girl. She escapes the horrible old woman and flees to Sally and the Garlands.

Nicholas/Matthew Bedwell: played by JJ Feild, the Bedwells are twin brothers. Nicholas is a clergyman; Matthew is an opium-addicted sailor with information Mrs Holland requires.

Mrs Holland: played by Maggie Smith, Mrs Holland is seeking a strange ruby which she believes Sally has in her possession. An evil old woman, Mrs Holland has no qualms about the methods she uses to get Sally and the jewel.

Major Marchbanks: played by Victor Garber, the Major gives Sally a diary containing shocking information, including a hint at their relationship.

Henrich Van Eeden: played by Ben Kingsley, van Eeden is one of Sally's father's agents in Singapore and, as he says, a man to be trusted.

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