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Thursday, July 07, 2011

The things the Internet makes me do

So my best friend, yeah, she's pretty awesome and she has this blog that lots of people read, and a Twitter and Tumblr that lots of people follow, and sometimes these people are a little strange.

Sometimes the strange people are me. Anyway. These are some things that Quinn Fabray might have done with her breast milk.

  • pumped it out and donated it to a mama nearby who needed it
  • pumped it out and sold it on eBay
  • pumped it out and gave it to Shelby to feed baby Beth with
  • let it chill out in her boobs 'til it dried up
  • attempted to deal with the resulting engorgement by binding her breasts, resulting in mastitis
  • breastfed baby Beth for a week or so at Shelby's request
  • hooked up with someone who has a breast milk fetish
Fun fact: when you Google "lactation" the first result is not lactation--it's erotic lactation.


Sarah Noonan said...

One of the guys in the Glee universe would have a breast milk fetish. lol.

Diana said...

Oh gawd. Why do I have the terrible feeling that it's Puck? :D

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