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Friday, August 12, 2011

Film Fantasy Friday: Farthing

It's Friday, hopefully Friday Fun Day for you fine folks, but for me it isn't anywhere near the end of the week yet. That's right, I'm teaching again on Friday nights. Woot, etc., not really. Anyway...have a cast. Much as I'd love to cast one of Jo Walton's Sulien books, there will never be a human actress badass enough to play either Sulien or Emer, so I'm going for the next best thing: Farthing. Being a British-country-house book with many characters, the cast selected here is cut down quite a bit, but the notables are present.

Lucy Kahn: played by Rooney Mara, Lucy is the wayward Eversley daughter--wayward in that she married a Jewish man. When a powerful political leader and member of the "Farthing Set" is murdered at her parents' country home, she begins to believe that she and her husband were invited to the house for the weekend in order to frame him as a radical Jew.

David Kahn: played by Julian Morris, David is Lucy's husband. He has a small banking operation which gives loans to entrepreneurs and small business owners, mainly Jewish people and women. He has a radical friend in France with whom he corresponds, which casts doubt on his character.

Lady Eversley: played by Emma Thompson, Lady Eversley is Lucy's horrifying mother. Do her aloof demeanor and impeccable manners mask a murderer?

Lord Eversley: played by Geoffrey Rush, Lord Eversley is Lucy's somewhat less horrifying father. While he and Lucy are riding at Farthing, he is apparently targeted by a Bolshevik with a rifle. Is he too on the list of intended fatalities?

Lady Angela Thirkie/Mrs. Daphne Normanby: played by Rachael Stirling, Angela and Daphne are sisters. Daphne's doomed affair with the man who would become Angela's husband and the murder victim haunts the women's relationships with their husbands and each other.

Mark Normanby: played by Clive Owen, Mark is a vicious politician on the rise and Daphne's husband.

Inspector Carmichael: played by Christian Bale, Carmichael is the Scotland Yard inspector assigned to tackle the Thirkie murder case.

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