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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

#tmituesday: The men who launched Diana into puberty

Admit it, you've always wondered who my pre-adolescent crushes were. Well, here they are, ya nosy weirdos.

Terry McGinnis: Yeah, he's animated (and in all the right ways), but Will Friedle did the voice acting and the Batsuit did the rest. My affections have bounced here and there in the Batfamily since, but Terry was the first.

Dougray Scott: That's what you get for letting me see Ever After, Mom! You thought it would just be a harmless fairy tale movie, but Prince Henri's codpiece stays with me to this day.

Richard Dean Anderson: Not as McGyver--as Colonel Jack O'Neill from Stargate SG-1, still my favorite science fiction television show (sorry, Firefly). The silver fox to end all silver foxes, O'Neill's gruff, snarky badassness gave me a good down-low tickle that I had no idea what to do with...yet.

Ewan McGregor: STAR WARS Episode 1: The Phantom Menace came out at exactly the right time. Is all I'm saying.

Heath Ledger: You're thinking it was Patrick Verona, but it was actually Gabriel Martin from The Patriot, which I wasn't allowed to see, but I looked at the movie guide in Barnes and Noble a lot (bookstores have so much porn in them! I hadn't even discovered romance novels yet).

Jeff Goldblum: before you cut me that side-eye, keep in mind that I wasn't allowed to see Jurassic Park until I was 13. And BOOM! went the shiny new ovaries.

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