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Thursday, September 01, 2011

More exercises in creative definition

Glurgh. I've been having a crisis lately--despite my big-ass mouth, I have nothing to say here on Ye Olde Blogge. So, as in times of silence prior, I turn to forced creativity. Let's make up some words, motherfuckers!

  • corae: noun. The plural form of the given name Cora; two or more people named Cora. Example: "I have this idea for a YA book where the adorkable teen male narrator dates seven girls named Cora over the course of a year. Working title is A Multitude of Corae."
  • eumbat: noun. An extinct subspecies of Vombatidae. Distinct from its more well-known and extant cousin, the wombat, in that the eumbat displays a prehensile tail. Example: "Very well-preserved eumbat skeleton we found outside Queensland. The old boy went out fighting--teeth bared, tail at the ready!"
  • cossect: verb. To dissect Cossacks. Example: "The icebound remains discovered in Almaty are ready for cossection, Doctor Sienkiwicz."
  • libun: noun. A librarian's bun. Example: "I don't have enough hair to put into a libun, therefore I can't really be a sexy librarian. Sorry."

1 comment:

Donna Banta said...

Very clever definitions, Diana. My personal favorite is "libun." (I used to be a cataloger way back when.) Let me use it in a sentence:

Diana proven to the world that a librarian can be sexy without a "libun."

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