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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Body Appreciation Sunday: Drive

TMI alert: I've been pretty horny lately. My manfriend's off to school in the Cleve, and it's been nigh on two months since he left, so here I am, alone with my battery-chewing vibrator and all the Dick/Jason fanfic I can find.

(is this better or worse than when I talk about my period? Eh, whatever)

The libido is a thing of glory. Most of the great literature and art of the world revolves around people getting it on or trying to get it on, which is either kind of sweet or pretty pathetic. Of course, when I had easy access to manfriend's pants, I didn't take advantage of him it nearly as often as I should've. Hindsight is 20/15. So now that he's far away and I'm cold and alone on my air mattress, things come into perspective. And it becomes harder (har har) to not walk around like this:

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