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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pull List: Batwoman #1, Suicide Squad #1

Yes indeed, it's Wednesday again! Out of the thirteen or so new #1s DC released this week, I only picked up two: Suicide Squad and Batwoman. As the picture below suggests, I would totally switch teams for Kate Kane (who wouldn't?). Spoilers to follow.

Batwoman #1: This is the title I've been waiting for, literally--its zero issue launched almost a year ago--and Kate Kane and Co. did not disappoint me. The art, of course, is fantastic--J.H. Williams III is amazing and I imagine the sheer beauty of this book will draw new fans. The premise, that a bizarre "Weeping Lady" is stealing children all over Gotham, is creepy. A nicely prominent Maggie Sawyer is in full swing...though as a detective, not the boss of the GCPD Major Crimes unit (and I'm looking forward to seeing her interactions with Commissioner Gordon), and as Kate's new love interest. Apparently all the lesbians in Gotham know each other! Honestly, though Kate/Renee will always be endgame for me, I won't mind seeing Kate/Maggie happen if it does. I have a soft spot for Bette Kane too, so seeing her pop up as "Plebe," Batwoman's new sidekick, was fun. The pain and anger between Kate and her father Jacob hurts my heart, since when we first met them they were very close, with Jake supporting Kate after she was dishcharged from the Army and helping her in her work as Batwoman. All of the plotlines introduced in this #1--the Weeping Lady, Kate/Maggie, Kate and Bette working together, Kate's rift with her father, a certain pair of characters who I won't name because giving EVERYTHING away wouldn't be fun, right? and Batman's mysterious proposition--are things I look forward to watching unfold. 5 out of 5 stars.

Suicide Squad #1: I wasn't going to pick this one up, because I really hated the cover art, but decided to give it a go, and now I want my three bucks back, because it was terrible. Harley's new costume is just the tip of a very bad iceberg. The reason I picked it up at all was because I really enjoy a lot of the characters on the team, but that's exactly the reason I won't be reading any more--frankly it doesn't seem like Adam Glass knows the characters much at all. There are many things I can't imagine Deadshot saying, and "Loyalty is for suckers" is among them. King Shark is for some reason now a hammerhead? Savant would not do what Savant was written to do (in fact a similar situation occurred during Birds of Prey wherein Savant did NOT crack under torture) and where the hell is Creote? Those two are kind of a package deal. Why has Amanda Waller been sexed up? If Glass wanted to see what Harley would be like if she wasn't obsessed with the Joker, why is her first reference to Mister J? Why is the basic premise--that the characters are being tortured in order to see if they can pass Waller's test and be on the team--weirdly similar to Villains United? WHY IS BELLE REVE SPELLED WRONG? Blah, just blah all around. 1 out of 5 stars.

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